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Enjin Coin has undoubtedly found its footing in the crypto scene. Being a unique token whose focus is on gamers, it’s uniquely situated to take over mass-market adoption as soon as more titles use the blockchain’s progressive technologies. There have been several games released already using Enjin. Minecraft, Age of Rust, Altverse, and Lost Relics.

The connection to the blockchain all these games have are backing their items on Enjin. Meaning items in any of those games are worth an intrinsic value outside of cyberspace. Don’t like your current item? Melt it. Want to trade for a different item? Sell…

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Rumors have recently surfaced that Apple is working on a vehicle. The supposed Apple Car isn’t all too far fetched speaking that Doug Field and Steve MacManus had been brought onto the Apple team in late 2019. It has been open that Apple has been working on car-related technology to rival the infamous cars brought into the spotlight from Tesla, but why? Simply speaking, because they have the capital and resources.

Entering the car industry successfully is a tough competition that requires luck, money, and a large fan base. All of which Apple seems to have a lot of. Though…

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Remove the Pesky Word You Accidentally Added

Long Live Proof of Useful Work

Proof-of-Work security of Blockchain technology has been the face of extensive scrutiny the past month, with several people criticizing the amount of electricity consumed by mining. Just Bitcoin uses more electricity than entire countries. Notably, fractions of this come from clean energy but it’s no brainer that it’s contributing to increased power plant demand. Which means more fossil fuels.

Why do people try to back port newer concepts into older projects. Linux has its faults, so does Windows and MacOS. Time for a new operating system imo.

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Yesterday someone approached me who I wouldn’t have thought would’ve. She came to me crying, looking deeply in my eyes in the hope of finding any sense of humanity, any help in reaching relief in a time with such little.

“My grandma is close to expiration. She has days, not weeks. I can’t see her, and I can’t reach her. I’m stuck here while she’s there.”

The usual speel ensured, “I’m sorry,” “My thoughts are with you and your family,” “I wish you had more time with her,” “You’ll be able to see her in the past life.” It was…

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Welcome to today’s roundup of the most interesting and practical data shared on /r/dataisbeautiful. Here we will talk about the topics lying behind that data, and critique the format of the data. We post daily and have a weekly round-up of the best charts from each week.

Anyhow, let’s get into it.

The beautiful bar chart shown above, created by /u/pdwp90, shows the companies who have taken advantage of the paycheck protection program. The program was instituted through the cares act to allow small businesses to keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus pandemic. These companies didn’t require the…

Lockheed Martin’s race to harness the power of lasers just paid off.

Sourced from Lockheed Martin

American aerospace, advanced technology, and arms dealer Lockheed Martin announced the newest addition to its arsenal — but this time, it was something a little more different than a traditional missile, instead it was the speed-of-light protection of lasers. Lockheed explicitly stated that it has the capabilities to destroy small rockets, artillery shells and motors, small unmanned aerial vehicles, small attack boats and lightweight ground vehicles that are within a mile — all of that is just on their 10-kilowatt laser by the way.

We may assume…

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Often while web-scraping you will come across HTML values in the text that needs to be recoded into their character forms. While jQuery and various other languages have implementations for decoding these values, native JavaScript does not.

To solve this I started by parsing out the HTML codes using a lookup table going word by word. This was a safe method that wouldn’t require accessing the DOM of the webpage. While the method worked it came at the cost of having a larger file size due to having to pack a lookup table into the file. …

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Rumors that the Trump administration would announce a ban on the popular social media platform TikTok surfaced over the weekend. Around the same time, software giant Microsoft announced they were in talks to acquire the United States rights to the application from parent company ByteDance.

Possible reasonings behind the ban can be traced back to America’s distrust in the Chinese Government. …

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