Orson Welles’s Words To Change The World

Photo by Filipi Escudine from Pexels

A healthy man owes to the sick all that he can do for them,

An educated man owes to the ignorant all that he can do for them,

A free man owes to the world’s slaves all that he can do for them,

And what is to be done is more, much more, than good words

-Orson Welles

The current turmoil of the world has us attacking family, friends, and the men and women of the commonwealth. We together are the only ones that can make a change in our communities. This quote taken from Orson Welles’s call to action against the Jim Crow Laws is the basis of what a good society should build off.

People who are weaker than a cliché in a community have less respect and representation given to them. Obliterating this idea that individuals are more important than others will lead to more diversity and less division. Society deems where you seem to fit and dooms you to that characteristic. Breaking the societal chains is vital for all of us to evolve with one another.

An interpretation of Welles’s quote could be that by giving of ourselves to advocate for those without these traits put us as equals, and leads to a playing field anyone can compete on. Released at a time where turmoil was quite similar to the current conditions, it meant to make us all work together. Many would argue that as of today, we are more split than ever before. By us all taking to heart words that Welles preached, we can change the trend and become unified once again.

We owe each and every person who cannot fight for themselves our service. Only then are we equal.

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