Take Your Next Shower In The Dark

Photo by Morgan Harris on Unsplash

When you have this burning drive for every day to be overly productive — you may have issues finding a moment to step away and take a hour or so break to adjust your mental health. Though, what if you told you that your morning showers can be even more relaxing with a secret technique that we’ve been taking for granted since the dawn of man?

Introducing dark showers. All of mankind has been sleeping, relaxing their seeing ability since the dawn of man, but little realize the benefit from reducing the amount of stimulation to our core sense. This dark shower is a way to prolong the amount of rest we are giving to our senses. Personally, dark showers have allowed me to be more productive in my daily routine — ticking that extra item off the list everyday.

Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash

Here’s some insight on the theory behind dark showers, The most popular way of achieving sensory equilibrium is through a sensory deprivation tank (a giant tank of water that you float in, typically in the dark.) These tanks are often times impractical for the vast majority of people due to expense and time commitment, but it helps prove the case that reducing the amount of sensory stimulation will allow you to have a reduction in stress. According to Healthline, a 50 person study found that after an hour in a sensory depravation tank it was capable of reducing stress levels among the participants. This is game changer, because we can apply the main proponent, from a float tank to our daily routine — removing light in a moment of tranquilty.

Being deprived of seeing when you’re in the shower allows you to calm down your body — reaching relaxation levels that I would equate with sleeping. This depravation is nothing less than rejuvenating. Losing sensory stimulation allows you to achieve a clearer mind, typically leading us to be calmer and able to handle more mentally exhausting tasks during the day. We rely on our vision for the vast majority of our daily activities, it only makes sense that if we allocated it time to rest we will get better and more accurate signals from our vision.

Take a chance and make your next shower a dark shower. I think you would be surprised by the benefits that occur from such a simple and cost effective change.



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