Today In Data — PPP Fraud, Elevation of Canada, and Video Games effect of Mood

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Welcome to today’s roundup of the most interesting and practical data shared on /r/dataisbeautiful. Here we will talk about the topics lying behind that data, and critique the format of the data. We post daily and have a weekly round-up of the best charts from each week.

Anyhow, let’s get into it.

The beautiful bar chart shown above, created by /u/pdwp90, shows the companies who have taken advantage of the paycheck protection program. The program was instituted through the cares act to allow small businesses to keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus pandemic. These companies didn’t require the money but took advantage of a situation that could work out in their favor. While they were allowed to apply for the money, they shouldn’t have because it was a limited pool ($525,012,201,124) for the entire nation. This led to an outcry to return the money which few and far in between did.

User /r/fluffybuddha is back at it, with yet another HEX Grid Elevation Map (if you haven’t seen their work, be sure to check it out.) This time of the great white north, Canada. This is a really good map that explains some glacier movement that would’ve shaped the country.

One critique of this map is the lighting and angle. It seems they went for an offset that matches the same rotation and position a proper globe would’ve shown, but I believe this choice made me a little confused about what I was looking at. Nonetheless, it’s very nice looking, shows data creatively with the hexagon, and has interesting data. Bravo.

Last but not least is quite a unique horizontal percentage bar chart showing the % change in mood and games. It should be noted that the data in this chart is strictly related to /u/HeroJournal and shouldn’t be used as a descriptor for how you would feel after playing such games. It would be interesting to see him scale this study to a larger size.

While most people think violent games would reduce the happiness you get from a game it seems it’s almost the games that are less violent and involve interacting with other people to succeed.

That’s it for today’s data roundup, be sure to follow up tomorrow for more impressive data and even more data critiquing.

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